Vegetables or meats?

I decided to start to be a vegan 3 months ago and I feel better than before. At some beginning days, I guessed I will have some problems, however, everything was good.

Foods in Vietnam have become increasingly dirty, so it is dangerous if you don’t choose carefully the sources. This is a part of the reasons I changed to eat vegetarian food. Furthermore, I felt uncomfortable while eating meat or fish for a long time ago.

There are several veggie restaurants in Saigon and I love most of them. The best one I think is the restaurant located at number 1 – Le Truc Street in Binh Thanh district. There are a lot of vegetarian foods which are carefully prepared. Today is the vegan day as well as Saturday, so the restaurant is full of guests. I have to wait about 30 minutes for food. But it is not a problem for me, I can wait longer than this. However, the problem is the overprice I have never expected. It is unbelievable for a small breakfast (veggie curry) at a small food store cots more than $2.5 – normally, it cots $1 with the same quality.

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