Restaurant Marketing strategy

Last year, when leaving Hoi An to start my new adventure in finding opportunity in Saigon, I asked my sister to help me run Orivy. At this moment, my sister and I had no ideas to elevate the ranking of our restaurant. The business had a good consideration from visitors, on Tripadvisor or some Travel Blogs.

After few months living and working far away from the restaurant, I had an idea to change my target. At the time before, we used the phrase “Authentic cuisine” to introduce our food services. But it seems like unpopular speech, maybe people use “local food” to think about the area cuisine. So, I changed our slogan from Orivy – Hoi An authentic cuisine to Orivy – Hoi An Local Food.

The new slogan effected immediately, we got more guests after changing. Two months later, Orivy has been noted in some threads on Naver – Korean Social Network and we were well known from that time forward.

In May, The Battle Trip TV Show made a short time working in Hoi An, they asked me to give them permission to record a dinner at Orivy (Orivy is well known on Korean social network), I agreed and help them by everything we have.

A few days ago, they broadcasted this episode. That is the good moment I have while watching it.

Here is the full link: (time: 1:06:00 – 1:12:25)

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