Lighting Brand Identity

In 2005, I visited a lighting workshop in Hoi An – Vietnam to write about the traditional handicraft carrier at this small ancient town. I found something here and noted it, but not to do anything else.

Three year later, while running the Hoi An festival website (introducing events and festival calendar), I got so many inquire emails for the traditional lanterns of Vietnam.

I tried to contact the lantern workshop I have visited but they closed 1 year before by the un-crowded market.

I thought about my own workshop, making lantern and teaching how to make it.

After 5 months, Dé Lantana was appear.

The idea to make this logo is Lantana. The Sound Lantana, similarly to Lanterna, the Portuguese language, means Lantern. Lantana is the beautiful flower but they are very difficult to have a good sketch. To make the lantana symbol, I have to sketch so many ways.

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