Hi, I am Liem, a (former) designer, be interested in online business and marketing, loves black metal and culture experience.

I started to write this blog in the end of December 2011, when I were down to the pit of life. At the beginning, I wrote about my daily events, then I posted some of my favorite works and some tips in using my WordPress plugins. The blog had a huge number of visitors. However I still felt unsatisfied. After writing tons of topics in this personal site, today I decide to delete all of them and create a new site. I think that if anyone wants to review my former jobs, they could find senviet.art, that site will help me to see what I had done for customers. So, this blog just has some of my favorite things, thoughts, ideas and something I am interested in.

Thank you and I personally believe that you will find something useful or interesting in this site. Connect with me if you think that is necessary by following contact form: